• Thursday, 2 March - Remaining Y9 Vaccinations
  • Thursday16 March - 6:30pm - Year 9 musical
  • Friday17 March - 6:30pm - Year 9 musical


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Year 10 Geography Trip - Carding Mill Valley

GCSE Geography students went to Carding Mill Valley to collect data for our fieldwork. We studied the upper, middle and lower course of the river which we had previously learned about in class. It was a good experience for us to see the landscape and see what real interlocking spurs, V-shaped valleys and other river landforms looked like. When we arrived at Carding Mill we were assisted by a National Trust member to guide us through the river. We were given instruction on what to do and told to work in teams when collecting the data however we were not shown exactly how to do it, which meant that we were learning as we went along. This proved better for us as we got more knowledge on how to collect the data. Team members each had a task to do which meant we were all engaged in the tasks we were given. We can now use our data to help answer exam questions and gain higher marks.

Riya Pal & Karina Kanda 



PARENTS / CARERS of Year 9 – Y9 students will be receiving their Meningitis C and Booster vaccination of diphtheria, polio and tetanus on: Thursday, 2 March 2017 

Year 9 have been divided into year halves to receive their vaccination as it can be time consuming to vaccinate all pupils in one morning. Therefore 9F5, 9F6 and 9F7 will receive their vaccination on Thursday, 2 March 2017. This Letter was sent to all parents of year 9.(Click Here)

Please note: The following Year 9s have already had their vaccinations on Friday, 13 January 2017  - 9F1, 9F2, 9F3 and 9F4 


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