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Weʼre raising £20,000 to go to our partner school in Kampala, Uganda to engage the teaching of children and to deliver a range of specific programmes.

As part of our partnership with Natete school in Kampala, Uganda, 12 students and staff are raising money to go to the school where they plan to engage the teaching of children and to deliver a range of specific programmes. It is hoped that this work will contribute to an improved awareness and understanding of the significant challenges that the communities face and support further projects that can be sustained with the support of Africa Inspires.


We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their generous donations.  Because without your help, this wouldn't be possible!

  1. 24 Hour Stay Awake

    Well done Year 10 and Year 11 students who raised over £500!

  2. Copper Coins - Competition

    Thank you for raising much needed funds for the Kampala Project.
    Grangehurst - £200 Well done!

  3. 5 A Side Football Tournament

    All monies raised from the Football Tournament are to go to the Kampala project. 

  4. ePraise Points Donations

    A big thank you to those of you who have kindly donated your hard earned ePraise Points!

  5. Kampala Cake Sale - £ TBC

    The students worked hard to raise as much funds as they could! Well done!

  6. Staff Christmas Raffle - £115

    Thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket for the Staff Christmas raffle. 

  7. Leam Boat Centre

    Thank you to Leam Boat Centre for the donation of a prize to raise funds for Kampala

  8. Ms Floroiu completed the Great Birmingham 10K Run

    All donations in aid of Kampala!
    Well done Ms Floroiu!



Foxford Go To Kampala - 2019

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Open to year 10 and 11 students
Come to Kampala, Uganda and visit our sister school, Nateete.

  • If you are open to adventure, hard work and expanding your horizons – apply
  • You will need to have a heart for helping people, be willing to give of your time and money and be ready to work as part of a team
  • Write a letter (no more than 2 sides of A4) to Ms Willliamson saying why you think you would be a good candidate to be on the trip
  • Closing date: Monday, 17 September, 3:30pm. Letters to be handed in to the hub
  • Further details can be obtained from the Hub. Also an information session will take place on Tuesday, 11 September at 3.05pm in the Post 16 Centre
  • Post 16 students who took part in the previous visit may also apply, different conditions for their applications apply

Foxford Go To Kampala - 2017

As you can see, there is still work needed and we will continue to raise funds to help improve Nateete School.

Mr Leach - School perimeter

Cefovid Ronald - Thanks everyone at Foxford and it's community for all the donations and help.

VLOG#11 - Luke: Talking about his last day and his experiences whilst being in Kampala

VLOG#10 - Megan Lemee: The sights and sounds of Kampala.

VLOG#9 - Monique and Jasleen talk about their last day teaching the students

Progress in Kampala - thanks to Foxford and it's community's fund raising!

This is the construction of a concrete path into school which at the moment is eroded and flood water has washed away a lot of the surface.
This is the wood that we have bought to construct more tables and chairs for the school with the funds raised.

Click on the image below to enlarge:


Click on the image below to enlarge:


VLOG#8 - Lewis and Luke teaching maths

VLOG#7 - Chloe and Alex teaching

VLOG#6 - Jasleen and Monique's drama lesson outcome.

VLOG#5 - Monique and Jasleen teaching drama skills to the students.

VLOG#4 - Chloe & Alex

Nateete school students being interviewed by Dave Leach about their family, life in Kampala and what they have gained from Foxford's visit.

VLOG#3 - Nateete Students

VLOG#2 - Nateete Students

VLOG#1 - Priety & Priam 

Priety & Priam talk about their first few days in Kampala and what they have experienced so far.

The journey to Nateete School

Click on the image below to enlarge it 


Playing circle games at initial visit with Nateete school.

Time lapse commute to Nateete across Kampala - Video!

School Notice - Our Kampala Team (Staff & students) have arrived safe and sound in Uganda and are now on a coach travelling to the Hotel!


Massive thanks to Old Coventrians RFC for donating 22 pairs of boots/trainers to go to Nateete School in Kampala.



Many thanks to Affinity, ARYPT and Lowfors football teams from the Coventry and district church football league for donating kit!




One of our members of staff has just completed the Great Birmingham 10K Run all in the aid of Kampala.

Completed the 10km in 00:56:28 with split time at 5km of 00:28:32

Thanks to Ms Floroiu for her contribution to the Kampala fund raising! Well done!




A big thank you to Leam Boat Centre for their donation of a prize, which will help raise funds for Kampala.

Some time ago, on the last day of term, 37 students in years 10 and 11 held a 24 hour stay awake to raise money for Kampala.

On the night they raised over £500 and there is a further £300 pledged. 


We also collected and counted the coppers that Grangehurst school had been collecting for us. We were delighted to receive over £328.40 worth of coppers to count.

Thanks to all who supported the students, both financially and through giving up their time. 






Foxford Go To Kampala - 2015 


Blog Entry #4 - "We managed to teach Algebra!"

- Maths at Nateete School - "We managed to teach algebra!" Before dinner last night we all started to clean the paint brushes ready for the next day but because the paint was gloss paint we were struggling and we all had black hands. Because the gloss paint doesn't come off at all, we had to use white spirit but even that wasn't working so we ended up scrubbing our hands with baby wipes!! Mr McLeish, Ms Willis, Lucy, Harinder and I all managed to be covered and I fell onto my hand on my bed so I'm sure you can tell that didn't go well!! We went for dinner and the food was nice but I prefer the food at the Dolphin Hotel. Me and Liam shared pancakes the night before but last night we decided to have our own as they were lovely. In the morning, we decided to abandon the paint brushes and see what we could get on the way to school instead. Mr Dalgleish (what my mum thought I said) got out of the bus when we were stuck in the crazy rush hour traffic to buy some sponge and some more white spirit. Even though it took him a while and he tripped on the step on the way in, the minibus still hadn't moved. The journey to Nateete is not that long but in the mornings it can take ages with all the lorries and motorbikes on the road! The school was amazing to visit, as always. Lucy has bonded with a little girl who I’ve nicknamed earing because she has these cute little earing's. We don't work with the P1 class but we always see them in the morning and at lunch time. They love cuddles, playing and holding hands with us. In the morning, me and Lucy did art and painted a backdrop with the P3 class. It was great fun but very messy!! Ms Willis did drama with P6 and did the story of the gingerbread man. Me and Harinder did enjoy the maths lesson we did in the afternoon. We managed to teach algebra!!!! It didn't help that I wrote the equation wrong... but luckily the children were on fire and corrected me! They are so eager to learn! It is really amazing! The children enjoy lessons and are really smart! In the afternoon, after lunch, we spent the time to improve the art pieces we had previously created. Me and Harinder held the paintings because they are on sheets and Mr McLeish and Ms Willis added the finishing touches to make them look a bit more like how they were supposed to. The gingerbread bread man was green and the landscape scene with the 3 Billy Goats Gruff wasn't as clear as we wanted it to be but by the time we were finished they were looking good!! At the end of the day on the way back to the hotel, Lucy and I were sitting at the back of the bus cutting sponges. We now understand what it's like to plan and prepare for a lesson. Once we were back at the hotel Mr McLeish had some different maths related games and puzzles which we did as a whole group. They were quite weird and we tried them in front of everyone so we got quite a few funny looks. It helped us to establish what games could possibly work with the kids at Nateete though. I was so busy I didn't even get time for a swim!! We all planned some things for tomorrows sessions and we felt organised so we had a shower (which was cold!!) and headed off for dinner. Looking forward to another day in school tomorrow!! By Neema

Blog Entry #3 - "Something inside so strong"

- Lessons at Nateete School - "Something inside so strong!" So last night when we went to dinner we had a chance to get to know the Stoke Park lot a bit better, having a chat and a laugh with each other. I’m not going to lie we were mainly laughing at Liam and Neema's bromance, we had snap chats with hearts drawn around them and even got them trying out the Titanic move. After a while we all headed to bed as it was our first full day in the schools the next day. We set off this morning at about 8.00 and got to Nateete School just after 9.00. In the morning we started off with me, Neema and Ms Willis doing drama , using the story of the 3 billy goats gruff and Mr McLeish, Rachel and Harinder did art, to create backdrops and images of the characters for the drama piece we had created. With the drama group we started off inside and the children weren't shy but they weren't familiar with what we were doing so we took them outside and did some games with them to get them going, we managed to get them to do stronger movements and they started to become more confident with speaking the lines. When we had finished our class, I had some time to just walk around the school and got an insight of the sort of things they do in their lessons, I went into the youngest classroom and every single child in there got up out of their seat and ran up to gather around me,it was absolutely crazy but so amazing to be a part of, even the teacher got up to greet me, they are such a welcoming, kind group of people. When I came out of the classroom Neema was outside and the both of us sat with some of the children and started to get to know them. We taught them how to take selfies and they loved being able to look at the photo after we had taken it. In the afternoon me and Rachel did a lesson where we taught the kids the chorus of the song “something inside so strong” and we taught some little dance actions (typical me) and then we put them all together. It was such a great lesson to do because the class were up for anything so they really got into it and we had fun at the same time as developing their skills. I liked doing this song with the kids because we explained to them how it is about strong people and how no matter what people say or even do people should still be strong and we told them how actually they are very strong people. Whilst we were doing that Neema, Harinder and Mr McLeish did a human scatter graph with the class. The children drew and measured their hands and feet before using themselves to plot points to explain types of correlation. All the students loved it. At 3 o'clock we had all finished our classes and had a little walk around the school before getting in the mini bus to head back to the hotel. We got back to the hotel at about half 4 and just took some time to plan for the next day, chill out and relax before going to dinner. By Lucy

Blog Entry #2  "Our day at Nateete School"

- Our day at Nateete School Our day at Nateete School was very lively and we experienced a lot about their general lives at the school. In the morning, we watched sports tournaments, including tag rugby and endball. They were really good!! At lunch, they let us join in with all of their games and they even made Neema dance! However when we spoke to the children about how their lives are, we were all saddened by the stories of their lives and how difficult things are for them. After our lunch session, we were welcomed to a presentation. The presentation represented different parts of Uganda and the culture through dance and music. It was very interesting seeing all of the different cultures being presented and I was particularly interested by the types of music that went along with the dance. There was in total, 5 different dances from all the regions. After the five performances, our day at Nateete ended and we made our way back on the minibus. It was a very demanding day and most of us were so tired, we fell asleep on the way back. When we got back to the Dolphin Suites, we relaxed for 2 hours by the pool. Again, Neema was excited about the sensation of water and it made him happy. so he went in the pool for most of that time. We then had dinner together where I had a pizza and spoke until 10:30, well me, Neema, Mr McLeish and Miss Willis did. It was good to talk about what we saw and how we felt. After this we went to sleep. The next day we meet at the breakfast table again which would be the final time before we went to the Cassia Lodge. The trip took 1 hour to get there. We were greated by Stoke Park, who were standing outside, but they weren't waiting for us, they were waiting for the minibus as they were going to Bright Future School. After we finally got off, we went to the pool again until 11. After this we went into our rooms where we planned lessons for our trip to the school tomorrow. Me and Neema have been paired up so we are doing maths, Rachel and Lucy are doing a singing and dance workshop. Whilst we were planning, Mr McLeish and Miss Willis went in to town to buy paint and materials for our lessons. We have planned our lessons and are very excited about teaching tomorrow so now we are going to get showered before we have dinner and an early night ready for work!!

Blog Entry #1 - "Our Journey to Kampala"

- Our journey to Kampala. All ready to go, we set off to Birmingham airport at 7.30am. It was a lovely bright sunny morning, where everyone met up outside the doors for departures wearing blue hoodies raring to go. Stoke Park were also there with their bright orange t-shirts. In the end we ended up with less luggage than them. When we went through to departures,Harinder was so excited to see burger king, He went and bought chicken nuggets with Neema. We got onto the plane for the 4 hour flight to Istanbul at 11.15am. We watched a few films and got some sleep. Lucy was ill during the day and was pretty tired. We where all sat next to each other and had a good flight. When we landed there was a women who was determined to get off as fast as she could, Miss Willis and I made a bet that Mr McLeish could beat her off the plane, but he said she was too quick for him. Neema got up and realized he was sat on ketchup sachets, he decided to plant them in the seat for the next passenger. Once of the plane landed in Istanbul we got on the bus to get to the other part of the airport. We had 30 minutes to board the other plane for the 8 hour flight, however we ended up with extra time because the flight was slightly delayed. Once we boarded the plane we where all sat apart but not far away. Stoke park where sat behind Rachel. Liam from stoke park was sat next to a man who took his shoes and socks off and started massaging his feet. Watched some more films but didn't sleep. We stopped down in Rwandan to refuel, I was so happy as I had three seats all to myself, however that happiness ended 30 minutes later when a family boarded the plane and took up the seats around me. I ended up being sat next to a two kids who screamed for the 15 minutes of the 35 minute flight to Kampala. We where very tired and stupid things where ridiculously funny. We got off at 3am,collected the bags and had a group photo where Harinder looked like he was meditating as his eyes where closed. We got onto the minibus to go to the hotels. First we where off to Cassia Lodge to drop stoke park off. Then we headed to the Dolphine hotel, however, it took a bit of time because the driver was going round in circles. we got there in the end at 5.30am, went up to the rooms and went to bed. We got up later that morning at 8.am had breakfast and went down by the pool. Neema decided to go for a swim, but before he did, he asked “Where do I put my sun cream?” and “Can I drink the pool water?” the most logical way of answering that was to laugh. Later on through the day he also made a comment expressing how he feels about water, he said “ I like the sensation of water, it makes me happy “ it was a hot day and we where all wearing sun cream, however the sun effected some of us more than others. I was sat in the shade for a lot of the day yet still managed to get quite burnt. We then all had dinner and went to bed. The next day we got up ready to go to Nateete Muslim School on the way picking Stoke Park up. When we got there there was a crowd of children all round the minibus waiting to great us. We couldn't take it all in, it was like another world. They where very welcoming and had a sports tournament going on. They’re amazing at sport and many other activities. We got to know a lot of the children and where playing games with them. I made a friend who wanted to come to England and was missing Zoe and Alisha. After that we all got together and said a few words about ourselves and then had lunch. By Rachel

Foxford go to Kampala - Help us raise funds!

Help us raise funds!

Some of our students are hoping to go to our partnership school in Kampala, Uganda this summer to enrich lives, both at home and abroad. One of the ways that they are trying to raise funds is by hosting a 'Virtual Balloon Race'.

Please sponsor us and buy a balloon to help us fly on our way....

Methods of payment: Credit card / Debit card / PayPal or you can send your £1 donation in with your child to see Mr McLeish



There are lots of different events going on to raise money for Kampala, such as: Cake sale , Throw wet sponges at teachers There are also going to be other events going on during break and lunch so please bring some change along and support Foxford go to Kampala 2015.

Thank you for your support!